Psychotherapy & Counselling

Welcome to Milestone Wellness, where I offer a unique and effective therapeutic approach to help you overcome life’s challenges and achieve personal growth. My treatment style is grounded in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), but I also draw from a diverse range of tools and techniques derived from various theoretical orientations. This integrative and innovative approach allows us to tailor our counseling to your specific needs, providing you with a holistic and empowering experience.

My Therapeutic Approach: A Newstyle Path to Transformation

I go beyond traditional therapy by incorporating elements of holistic life coaching, fact and solution finding, and collaborative planning. You won’t find the typical prescribed therapeutic blocks of 12 sessions where we only talk about one topic each session. This combination of approaches enables us to address your concerns comprehensively, considering both the internal and external factors that may be influencing your life. Whether you’re struggling with emotional issues, relationship problems, or seeking personal development, my therapeutic approach is designed to guide you on a path of growth and self-discovery.

What to Expect in Individual Services

Individual therapy is a powerful tool for gaining control over your life. I will work closely with you to identify and explore the emotions, feelings, and situations that may be causing challenges or keeping you stuck. I provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to open up and share your experiences, allowing us to better understand your unique needs and perspectives.

Through my collaborative approach, we’ll develop personalized strategies and action plans that align with your goals and values. I am committed to supporting you every step of the way, offering guidance, insights, and practical techniques to help you overcome obstacles and achieve lasting positive change.

Read More About Specific Services:

Anorexia Explore our specialized counseling for individuals dealing with anorexia, providing compassionate support and evidence-based interventions to help you on your journey to recovery.

Binge Eating If you struggle with binge eating, our therapists can assist you in developing a healthier relationship with food and finding strategies to regain control.

Social Media and Disordered Eating In this digital age, social media can impact body image and eating habits. We offer counseling to address these issues and promote a positive self-image.

Orthorexia Our counseling services can help you address obsessive thoughts related to healthy eating and develop a balanced approach to nutrition and well-being.

Body Image Struggling with body image concerns? Our therapists can guide you towards self-acceptance and improved body confidence.

Sport Performance Athletes seeking to enhance their performance can benefit from our specialized counseling, focusing on mental conditioning and overcoming performance barriers.

Perfectionism If perfectionism is holding you back, we can work together to find a healthier balance and reduce self-imposed pressures.

High Performance Our counseling for high achievers aims to maintain peak performance while addressing stress and burnout.

Career Counseling Feeling lost in your career? Our career counseling services can help you explore options, set goals, and create a fulfilling professional path.

Run Coaching Our run coaching combines therapeutic insights with practical training to improve your running experience and boost overall well-being.

Depression & Anxiety For those struggling with depression and anxiety, our counseling offers compassionate support and effective coping strategies.

Confidence & Empowerment Our empowering counseling approach helps you build self-confidence and find your inner strength to navigate life’s challenges.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and take the first step toward positive change. I am here to support you on your journey to personal growth, healing, and well-being. To learn more about each service, click on the respective links above.