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Kingston Counselling and Psychotherapy Services 

Kingston, strategically located at the convergence of Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River, is an enchanting mosaic of historical grandeur and contemporary vibrancy. As one of Canada’s oldest cities, Kingston’s storied past is evident in its majestic limestone architecture, from the imposing Fort Henry to the historic city hall that overlooks the downtown market square. Its waterfront, alive with maritime activities, complements the city’s bustling academic scene, led by the renowned Queen’s University. From the echoes of the past at Bellevue House to the innovative displays at the Pump House, Kingston offers a rich tapestry of experiences for its residents and visitors.

MILESTONE Wellness Serving the Kingston Community

In the shadows of Kingston’s limestone edifices and along its vibrant waterfront, MILESTONE Wellness stands as a refuge and resource for mental and emotional health. Understanding the balance of tradition and innovation that Kingston represents, our services, from Body Image Counselling to Sport Psychotherapy, are thoughtfully crafted to meet the nuanced needs of Kingston’s eclectic community.