Counselling and Psychotherapy in Napanee Ontario by Brant Stachel

Napanee Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Napanee, nestled along the scenic shores of the Napanee River, stands as a perfect amalgamation of small-town warmth and rich history. This captivating town, with its well-preserved Victorian architecture and inviting waterfront, offers residents and visitors alike a chance to step back in time while enjoying modern-day amenities. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of Springside Park or captivated by the town’s deep-rooted stories showcased at the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives, Napanee exudes a distinct charm that’s both comforting and intriguing.

MILESTONE Wellness Serving Napanee

At the crossroads of Napanee’s serene riverbanks and bustling downtown, MILESTONE Wellness offers a sanctuary for the mental and emotional well-being of its residents. Recognizing the beauty of Napanee’s simplicity, intertwined with the complexities of modern life, my services, from Sport Psychotherapy to Confidence and Empowerment sessions, resonate with the unique experiences of those who call this town home.