Are you feeling stuck, hopeless, and overwhelmed with your relationship to food? You’re not alone. Many individuals struggle with eating disorders, such as binge eating, and the constant internal dialogue that comes with it. It can be exhausting to argue with yourself and reflect on your eating choices constantly.

At Milestone Wellness, I specialize in helping individuals overcome eating disorders and negative body image. I understand that change can be difficult, but it is possible with the right support and guidance.

I will work with you to break the cycle of binge eating and help you understand and cope with the underlying psychological stressors or emotional overload. I will provide you with tools to take back control of your thoughts and give you the confidence to enjoy your life in the present.

If you’re ready to experience change and end the binge eating cycle, reach out for help. I understand how difficult it can be to ask for help, but it’s a major step towards the life you want to be living. Contact us today to schedule a therapy session in Kingston, Ontario.BOOK NOW