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I share my expertise in helping individuals like you reclaim their lives from the grip of eating disorders.

Comprehensive eating disorder services:

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At MILESTONE Wellness, I specialize in helping individuals overcome eating disorders, such as anorexia and anorexia athletica. I have the expertise to help you replace destructive thoughts and behaviors with more positive ones.



Are you feeling stuck, hopeless, and overwhelmed with your relationship to food? you’re not alone. many individuals struggle with eating disorders, such as binge eating, and the constant internal dialogue that comes with it.



Are you struggling with a distorted sense of body image and negative self-perception? you’re not alone. many of us have been affected by the unrealistic and doctored images we see in social media.



I understand the food rules that come with orthorexia, and am committed to helping you overcome its grasp. my approach focuses on addressing the underlying psychological stressors and emotional triggers that fuel orthorexic behaviors

About me

My expertise in eating disorders comes from my lived experience with an eating disorder and working with athletes across multiple sports who struggle with disordered eating. I focus on empowerment, confidence, and greater personal development.
Additionally, my proficiency in cognitive-behavioral therapy for eating disorders, attained through training at oxford university, showcases my dedication to helping those facing disordered eating challenges.

I strive to balance the psychological with the physiological. further to my psychotherapy training, I have a degree in kinesiology,  and diplomas in massage therapy and fitness and health promotion. I use this comprehensive knowledge to help you recover from your eating disorder. the brain and the body are connected, and as such we should seek to understand the psychological and physiological triggers and responses to eating disorders. I  have also lectured for Queen’s School of Medicine, as well as KFL&A public health unit, on the connectedness of food, fueling, and nutrition on mental health, physical health, and performance.

My educational background, coupled with over 10 years as a high performance coach on national teams, enables me to take a holistic view of individual well-being and utilize effective strategies to support personal growth and mental well-being.

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At MILESTONE Wellness, I believe that everyone deserves to feel their best.

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